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Dayton Blues Society Writes/Records A-Able Jingle

You may have heard the A-Able jingle on TV or radio and thought that voice sounds a whole lot like our own DBS President, Jeff Hill … well … it is!

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Dayton Blues Society

Announces the 2015 Self-Produced CD Competition

Judging by the DBS and the IBC will be as follows:
The criteria are in order of importance.
(1) Blues Content (is this a Blues Music recording)
(2) Musical Performance (Musicianship)
(3) Audio Quality of the Presentation (Production Values, Levels)
(4) Cover Art and Design (Professional Packaging, Ready for the rack at your favorite music outlet?)
(5) Credits and Liner Information. (Informative, Professional) – See more at:

  • Any questions please email Jeff Hill at

Road to Memphis 2015 Winners

dbs win jpg

Road To Memphis 2015


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