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Dayton Blues Society Writes/Records A-Abel Jingle

You may have heard the A-Abel jingle on TV or radio and thought that voice sounds a whole lot like our own DBS President, Jeff Hill … well … it is!

A-Abel contracted with the DBS to write and record a blues jingle for them way back in 2010 (has it been that long ago?) Well, it’s still on TV and radio and we thought you might like to hear the entire song (written by Jeff Hill) as recorded in the studio. The musicians involved were:

  • Jeff Hill (Vocals)
  • Greg Bell (Lead Guitar / Back-Up Vocals)
  • John Hack (Bass / Back-Up Vocals)
  • Kent Walker (Guitar / Back-Up Vocals)
  • Denny Noreikas (Harp / Back-Up Vocals)
  • John Wright (Drums / Back-Up Vocals)

Listen to Song Here!

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