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Memories of Eddie Tyson

Edward Lee Tyson & Blues Power

Here you go, Jeff!


Blues Power circa February 1971, Toledo, Ohio:

Edward Lee Tyson, lead guitar

Dave Brichetto, rhythm guitar

Brent Austin, bass

Gary Persons, drums


Brent Austin is currently with Frijid Pink, Blues-Rock band based in Detroit. (You probably remember their version of House of the Rising Sun in 1970. But, Drivin’ Blues is my favorite song by them.)


I’d have to do the math, but if I remember correctly, Ed was 18 at the time. We never had a gig…you know how things go with work and school at that age! (Ed was possibly working and going to school both at the time, if my brain cells are functioning correctly.) We had a blast practicing and jamming. From your website I see Ed put on quite a few pounds. I am sorry that he didn’t live longer. He was a great guy to play with and just hang out with. Love his personality!


Dave Brichetto